Spirit Hoods for Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, you can be effortlessly cute by using a Spirit Hood. A Spirit Hood is a fluffy headpiece which represents an animal with personalised characteristic traits. When you choose your hood, pick the one which best represents who you are. They are available for women, men and children. All Spirit Hoods are 100% faux fur, priced around $129 with free standard domestic shipping and they are great long term investments.

My best friend Matty pictured on the right, loves carrying around his Brown Bear Spirit Hood for nightclubbing! The brown bear spirit represents bravery and strength. People with this spirit tend be curious and playful creatures. Although very affectionate, they won’t hesitate to protect their own.

 Spirit Hoods
My friends and I playing Dress Ups

Spirit Hoods
Womens Tiger Spirit Hood $129

Spirit Hoods
Mens Red Wolf Spirit Hood $129

Your cuteness level will raise by 100% when you put one of these on!

Which Spirit Hood is your favourite?


  1. Thanks Lali! It was a fun moment being absolutely silly with my friends, you should try a silly picture to :-)


  2. Hi Matty, I knew you'd love it!


  3. cool hoods!!



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