Trending: Ombre Hair Highlights

If you want a hairstyle that radiates colour and personality this is the hair style for you, ombre hair highlights is when the hair goes from dark hair near your scalp to lighter hair on the lengths of your hair. The hairstyle is seen at it's sexiest when it's grown out with your roots being their natural hair colour and the lighter hair on the lengths is two to three shades lighter then your natural hair colour. This hairstyle can look good on its own, no accessories needed!

Drew Barrymore with ombre hair highlights at the movie premier for Big Miracle
Drew Barrymore with her ombre hair highlights at the movie premier for 'Big Miracle'
What do you think about Ombre Hairhighlights?


  1. I am a huge fan of ombre/balayage when it has been carried out correctly.

  2. I love it to! I wish I had Drew Barrymore's personal hairdresser!!!

  3. I really love this effect on her! It looks fantastic!


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