Natural Glamour Mineral Bronzer in Winter

Natural Glamour Mineral Bronzer is beneficial to your skin and protects your skin from harmful air pollution and the harsh sunlight rays; Natural Glamour Mineral Bronzer contains antioxidants, vitamin c, vitamin e, broad spectrum SPF 12, talc free and has no smell. You can use the product to bronze your face and body.

If you are after a wonderful glow, Natural Glamour Mineral Bronzer contains tiny glitter flecks which are so pretty in the sunlight; There is just the right amount of glitter in the product for that extra special shimmery radiance that you wish to feel when your bronzed up. The colour is just the perfect golden brown. The shimmer lasts up to 3 hours and the colour lasts all day.

The applicator brush is controllable; Use the long brush head to apply the bronzer, the long brush head will dispense product whilst in use; Use the short brush head to blend the product; The short brush head won't dispense product whilst in use. Sometimes the brush malts and frays when you are using it.

Steps on How to Open the Natural Glamour Mineral Bronzer
  1. Twist the long black cap to the right. 
  2. Pull the long black cap up slowly; If the cap stops going up, use some more strength to pull it up as there is some air suction in the cap. Now the brush head is exposed.
  3. Push the black plastic piece around the brush head down and to the right.

    For Further Information
    You can find further information on Natural Glamour Mineral Bronzer on the Natural Glamour Website including:

    Natural Glamour Minceral Bronzer with Box
    Natural Glamour Mineral Bronzer with box

    Natural Glamour Mineral Bronzer Applicator Protector Pushed Up
    Applicator protector pushed up

    Natural Glamour Mineral Bronzer Applicator Protector Pushed Down
    Applicator protector pushed down

    Natural Glamour Mineral Bronzer Applicator Pressed Down
    Applicator pressed down

    Right arm no product
    Right arm, no product

    Left arm with Natural Glamour Bronzer in Winter Applied
    Left Arm with Natural Glamour Mineral Bronzer in Winter

    Rating Scale and Product Information
    Product 07/10
    Pigmentation 10/10
    Texture 10/10
    Wear 09/10
    Application 04/10
    Packaging 10/10
    Drying 10/10
    Smell N/A

    Total Rating

    Company Name
    Natural Glamour

    Product Name
    Mineral Bronzer with Auto Brush in Winter



    A dollar from every product sold goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

    Sold at the following locations

    Final Thoughts
    The mineral bronzer itself is an A+ product it provides such a warm hearted golden shimmer glow to the skin! I really love that, it really makes you feel radiant and it is such a pretty colour. It can be applied evenly across large surfaces and is also healthy for your skin!

    The applicator does malt although the changeable brush makes the product easier to use both on large and small sufaces.

    The product was provided by Priceline and Cosmopolitan.

    Would you like to be a bronze beauty?

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