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I dyed my hair the other night, it was nerve racking but well worth the wait! I have been taking my time in dying my hair as I had to really think about what colours to choose, it's difficult when you've always had the one hair colour for most of your life.

You always have to remember the golden rule to finding the perfect hair colour for you is you can dye your hair normally two shades lighter or two shades darker then your original hair colour. Following the golden rule, I dyed the roots and the lengths Nice 'n Easy Dark Brown ($14.49) as it was the same colour as my natural hair colour. I also dyed my fringe lengths and the bottom half of my hair in Nice 'n Easy Light Golden Brown ($14.49).

The first couple of the dark brown turned out black and the light golden brown was to colourful for the black hair! It turns out it needed two hair washes to get to the correct colour but I think it turned out gorgeously. I really think it's lovely to have a play on tones in your hair for vibrancy.

Do you like the hair colours? I'd love to know your thoughts! What are some of your hair secrets?

Elle Bewsell, Our Beauty Philosophy

Elle Bewsell, Our Beauty Philosophy

In this photo, this looks is my day-to-day look which takes only 15 minutes to put together, I called it the 'Barbie look'!  I am using my all time favourite products including on my..

Some of My Favourite Beauty Products

I really love all of these products; They are my ultimate favourite necessities. An honourable mention goes to the Bourjois Paris Exclusif Rose Lipgloss as it changes colour depending on the person, everyone has a different pink lip colour! I was extremely lucky as Bourjois Paris Exclusif Rose Lipgloss was given to me as a gift when Helen Dowsley gave me a makeover!

Do you like the hair colours? What are some of your hair secrets? Do you like the fact that there is a lip gloss which changes colour to your own personalised pink? I do!
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  1. I absolutely like the hair colour,it looks so shiny!

    1. Thanks it is, good to see you again! xoxo

  2. I love Posie Tint lady! Sooooo yum!

    Mwwah! Bea @

    1. I use it every single day :P Yum Yum!


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