Adorn Your Nails with Gold Review: Kiss Nail Dress in Babydoll

Kiss Nail Dress is 'fashion that sticks'! The Kiss Nail Dress I used is called 'Babydoll', there is so much to say about how great they are.

They feel amazing with little bumps accentuating the designs and creating depth to your nails, making your nails look spectacular. In natural sunlight, the nails look like they are adorned by pure gold. When you see them up close and in the shadows the nails looks like they are adorned by the prettiest rain drop diamant√©! 

To add to the beauty, the Kiss Nail Dress has extra strength staying power to your nails with advanced nail technology; Even when you place your hands under hot water, the Kiss Nail Dress doesn't peel away and stays put, keeping your finger tips beautiful for up to 10 days which is even most impressive.

It is a very easy process to apply the Kiss Nail Dress. Find the nail dress which suits your nail, peel it off, place it on your nail! If you get a bubble, simply peel the nail dress off and re-apply!

To add to the staying power, for extra extra long lasting nails and prevention on fraying, I always recommend placing a clear top coat on the Kiss Nail Dresses.

Kiss Nail Dress in Babydoll

The Kiss Nail Dress comes in a pack of 28 nail strips in 14 sizes for finger tips and toes to fit all nails. Included inside the package there is a handy pamphlet which describes instructions on how to use the Kiss Nail Dress and also a double sided nail filer which works a treat, used to file away the excess Kiss Nail Dress.

Kiss Nail Dress in Babydoll

Kiss Nail Dress in Babydoll

Kiss Nail Dress in Babydoll

They are so trendy and new, so get up to date with the latest fashion by putting these cute designs on your finger nails! There are so many to choose from.

You can cut out a design of your own from the Kiss Nail Dress and add it on top of pre-designed acrylic nails such as the imPress Press & Go Press On Manicure and create the most funkiest fingers that you could ever imagine. It is a great way of using your extra Kiss Nail Dress pieces!

Kiss Nail Dress pamphlet

Kiss Nail Dress pamphlet

Kiss Nail Dress in Babydoll

Kiss Nail Dress in Babydoll

Rating Scale and Product Information
Product 10/10
Pigmentation 10/10
Texture 10/10
Wear 10/10
Application 10/10
Packaging 10/10
Drying 10/10
Smell 10/10

Total Rating

Company Name

Product Name 
Kiss Nail Dress


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Final Thoughts
Kiss Nail Dress make your hands feel adorned in gold, they have extra strength staying power and definitely make you feel extra beautiful!

Product sent to me for consideration

Do you like the Kiss Nail Dress? Which one is your favourite?


  1. Neat! I need to try these :)

    1. You definitely should, they are marvellous creations, Kiss really put a lot of effort into creating them! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for posting this review. I usually go to the nail salon about every 3 weeks, and spend about $40 for a full set and design on all 10 fingers. I am pinching pennies right now, so I did try the Sally Hansen strips. They work well, but I really wanted to try the Kiss strips since they are cheaper and more stylish in my opinion. I think I will give them a try.

  3. I found these at Priceline and I absolutely love them too! Plain nail polish feels so boring now :)


With love, thank you for your comments ♥❤ elle

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