Long Lasting Review: Ecotools Recycled Retractable Kabuki

Ecotools Recycled Retractable Kabuki Brush is the perfect size to carry in your bad all day long, for the on-the-go applications. What I love most about this brush is just how durable it is, it -never- malted in the year that I had tested it which means it is a long lasting investment! And due to the retractable casing the brush never loses shape.

The Ecotools Recycled Retractable Kabuki Brush has multi purpose uses, it is soft enough to use for powder, bronzers and blushes and stern enough to be used to apply liquid foundations. Simple adjust how stern you wish the brush to be, depending on how far you pull up or down the retractable aluminum based casing. The finish is an mess free, even application of product.

Another favourite feature of the brush is how soft the bristles are - almost as soft as a bunny!

Rating Scale and Product Information
Product 9/10
Pigmentation 10/10
Texture 8.5/10
Wear 10/10
Application 10/10
Packaging 10/10
Drying 10/10
Smell 10/10

Total Rating

Company Name

Product Name 
Recycled Retractable Kabuki Brush


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Final Thoughts
Recycled Retractable Kabuki Brush overall is a multi-purpose, highly durable, never malting, very soft kabuki brush. Once you buy one of these kabuki brushes you may never need to buy another on-the-go brush again.

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  1. Sounds great, I always read great reviews for eco tools, so definitely want to try out a couple of brushes! :) x


  2. I have a few of their brushes and love them. Dont think I have ever come across this one, looks great:)


  3. I love ecotools too! Wish they had a wider variety of brushes. Haven't tried this brush yet, after reading your review I think I might now :)
    <3, Mel

    1. Hmm Ill have to stop by your blog to see what brushes your using

  4. thanks for reviewing! I always see Ecotools around, should maybe try some out :) haha soft as a bunny, that sounds tempting...

    Metallic Paws- New giveaway up on my blog!


With love, thank you for your comments ♥❤ elle

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