Relax and Unwind Review: The Aromatherapy Company Stress Pulse Point

The Aromatherapy Company Stress Pulse Point is a sweet smelling essential oil blend of lavender and peppermint in a base of almond oil used to romance your soul with stress free relief for a calm mind. It is best used to relax and unwind.

The Aromatherapy Company Stress Pulse Point  properties include:
  • Peppermint 
    Relieve nausea and aids digestion
  • Lavender 
    Help with headaches and balance your body and mind
The Aromatherapy Company Stress Pulse Point  can be used as a therapy; The idea behind pulse points is to place the essential oil blend on specific parts of your body to establish a harmony through your bones, organs, muscles, the glands and the emotions to improve the whole body and mind.

The Aromatherapy Company Stress Pulse Point

You can use The Aromatherapy Company Stress Pulse Point behind the ears, on the wrists or the tops of their feet or on the temples. Some people use the aromatherapy oils as perfume, thereby getting benefits of the oil all day.

I personally love smelling essential oils as a perfume to unwind, my personal recommendation is placing The Aromatherapy Company Stress Pulse Point on your neck to smell the scent easily.

The The Aromatherapy Company Stress Pulse Point scent lasts for around 30 minutes although the essential oil moisturising effects last for around 6 hours!

Tops of the Pulse Point, Essential Oil Blend, Therapeutic Body & Bath Oil

Products from The Aromatherapy Company Collection

Rating Scale and Product Information
Product 09/10
Pigmentation 10/10
Texture 10/10
Wear 05/10
Application 10/10
Packaging 10/10
Drying 09/10
Smell 10/10

Total Rating

Company Name
The Aromatherapy Company

Product Name 
Stress Pulse Point


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Final Thoughts
The Aromatherapy Company brings out fantastic well thought out products that love your body and your senses. The Aromatherapy Company Stress Pulse Point essential oil combination with lavender, peppermint and almond oil is lovely. Especially if you love lavender and want to relax, this is the product for you.

Product sent to me for consideration

What smells and scents relax you?


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  2. I'll check this out!It will be great while traveling,thanks for sharing.

    1. So true! It will be good to use when you are wanting to relax

  3. great review, reminds me that I have a sleep remedy aroma from h gillerman that I will use tonight, makes me sleep like a baby!

    1. thanks!! i love the sleep remedies to, when i need a good rest! hmm ill have to check out what your using!!

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  5. Great review! These sound like they smell great!

  6. Thanks for the review!

  7. I adore the Aromatherapy Co. They make so many amazing products!

    1. <3 <3 <3 me tooooo!!!! Can't get enough!

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