Joico Moisture Recovery Range Review

This Joico Moisture Recovery Range is so amazing. The products in the range include the Moisture Recovery Shampoo, the Moisture Recovery Conditioner and the Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm. Their moisture range offers a super volumising burst for your hair, separating your hair to appear luxuriously thicker, extremely moisturised and makes your hair shine luminously. I can not say enough good things about Joico's Moisture Recovery Range.

With every wash you feel the changes in your hair. The first use of the Moisture Recovery shampoo, your hair will feel so moisturised, it is just to easy to comb your hair with your fingers. Then when you use the Moistruse Recovery Conditioner or replace the Conditioner with the Moisture Reocvery Treatment Balm, it will be even more moisturised and conditioned. Your hair will feel so amazing after using the Joico Moisture Recovery Range, just like a waterfall.

The fragrance is beautiful and rich, to me it smells like the fresh fruit smell of melons and white floral notes, it smells very expensive.

Joico Moisture Recovery Range
Joico Moisture Recovery Range

Score Card
Pigmentation 10/10
Design 10/10
Application 10/10
Drying 10/10
Wear 10/10
Fragrance 10/10

Total Rating

Joico Moisture Recovery Range: Moisture Recovery Shampoo, the Moisture Recovery Conditioner and the Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm


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Final Thoughts
In my top three hair care range! If you really wanted to see what this range is made of definitely buy the Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm, you will definitely love it and you will want to buy the other two!!

Product sent to me for consideration 


  1. I've just picked up the colour care range from Joico from a discount store here in the UK. I've not tried it before, so can't wait to review it. P.S Your bunny ornament is super cute!

    1. Thanks I tried the colour range, it's great especially to keep the colour in and if you need help de-tangling xoxo


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