COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder Review

COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder in Light/Medium 340 can amazingly turn light coverage or medium coverage into full coverage whilst evening out your skin tone, it will liberally cover most spots that your regular foundation may have missed and sets your makeup. COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder will give you that photoshopped makeup look that so many people want; It is great makeup for modeling and taking photos.

You can determine whether you would prefer full coverage or medium coverage simply by how you apply the product; Use a kabuki brush or powder brush for medium coverage or use the the provided pressed powder sponge for full coverage results. I believe being able to moderate the amount you can apply is very useful especially if you have challenging skin problems like rosacea or acne. COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder may help you get more coverage using the same amount of regular product without the heavy or cakey feeling. The formula, also has built-in smooth-glide serum which allows the product to go on effortlessly. 

A very common problem and one of the disadvantages to having a pale white skin complexion is getting your skin tone to glow, look naturally bronzed and radiant. I have found that since COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder in Light/Medium 340 contains barely noticeable glitter particles, has pink undertones, and is a shade darker then my skin colour it creates that healthy glowing look I have been after for so long but have had trouble creating with pressed powder bronzers.

COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder is just like applying another layer of foundation but better. I personally would have likened COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder to Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish. And due to the massive price difference between COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder and Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish, COVERGIRL is only $16.95 to the Napoleon Perdis $65. COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder is a grand investment which saves you money at such a small price it is a definite bargain and a wonderful beauty find.

COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder
COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder

COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder
COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder

This is the photo which I used in "Get that Lipstick Shade with COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lipcolor in Spellbound Review" as you can clearly see the photoshopped look and the softening of my face compared to the natural skin texture and pale tone of my neck. My skin tone is brighter and has a natural colourful, sun-kissed glow.

COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder
COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder Results

Score Card
Pigmentation 10/10
Design 09/10
Application 10/10
Drying 10/10
Wear 10/10
Fragrance 10/10

Total Rating

COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder

RRP Price

1800 181 040

Final Thoughts
COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder is alot more then a normal pressed powder! COVERGIRL + OLAY Pressed Powder glides on effortlessly, whilst providing a full to medium coverage photoshoppped look. You will find your skin will appear more brighter with a sunkissed glow. I feel that this product is equivalent to expensive high end makeup for only the bargain price of $16.95.
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  1. Huh! This sounds really amazing. I have pale skin and often find it difficult to find products that make me glow. Thanks for this review!

    1. Thanks Caroline, I have that problem to. I normally reach for anything which highlights, then reaching for bronzers. But this is right in the middle! xo

  2. heard about Covergirl, though I never tried it out - nice review!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I stopped by your blog to xo


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