5 of the BEST BB Creams, Swatches & Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect BB Cream

This is a post showing you the 5 Best BB Creams out on the market today.  I hope these will help with your quest to find your perfect shade.

BB Cream's are well known and acclaimed world wide, with a lot of beauty companies and beauty guru's jumping on the bandwagon. BB Cream's originated in the asian markets, though in mid 2012 in Australia, BB Cream commercials started popping up from European companies who started to make their own.

The first four swatches are believed to be the best and earliest BB Creams available, and the fifth one is a high end BB Cream available in the European markets.

From Left to Right
  1. SKIN79, Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm BB Cream Triple Functions
  2. Missha M, Perfect Cover BB Cream Foundation No.23
  3. Liole, Beyond the Solutions BB Cream
  4. SKINFOOD, Aloe Sun BB Cream, Food Therapy, Radiant Skin Foundation, Shade 1
  5. Clarins Paris BB Skin Perfecting Cream, Shade 02 Medium
The Colour Tones Explained
SKINFOOD Aloe Sun BB Cream has yellow tones and pink tones; It is also super pale and the colours are mixed beautifully, especially for winter time. The other palest colour is SKIN79 Hot Pink that has both brown and grey undertones. Two shades darker then Skinfood BB Cream is Liole BB Cream, which is a light brown colour. Clarins BB Cream is what I'd classify as a beautiful, lovely, deep, glowing colour that is perfect for summer when your tan builds up. And Missha BB Cream is the deepest shade, the darkest brown with hints of grey!

How BB Creams Dry
You'll find BB creams apply whiter at first, but when the air oxidizes them they will sink into the skin and go to the original colour that is visible in the swatches. Sometimes, the colours can become a shade or two darker then the original colour throughout the day, though this can change according to your bodies chemistry.

Drying Times
  • Clarins Paris BB Cream & Missha BB Cream have the quickiest of drying times. They soak into the skin, they can both set in under a minute and do not need powder to set. They both feel extra soft and lovely to the touch.
  • SKINFOOD BB Cream can take up to 5 minutes to set on top of the skin. Though it may take 15 minutes to completely set in colour and for the product to soak into the skin. It does not need powder. It feels more like the natural texture of your skin and is soft.
  • Liole BB Cream & SKIN79 take the longest to set, depending on the amount applied, it can remain tacky after 5 to 10 minutes. Though in under 30 minutes they will set and soak into the skin. You can definitely use powder to set the BB Cream.
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  1. Thanks for posting this! I am currently searching for the BB Cream that will suit my skin. Already bern following your blog dearies! :)

    xx, Mela

  2. Thanks so much! This is a great comparison compared to many others. I'm going to try Clarins thanks to your review. Thank you!


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