Movie Review: Bill Cunningham New York

"He who seeks beauty will find it"
"Fashion.. is the armour people use to survive the reality of everyday life.
I don't think you can do away with it.
It would be like doing away with civilisation."
Bill Cullingham
The Sydney City Guide TwoThousand also known as TheThousands have been lovely enough to provide me with tickets to see a documentary named 'Bill Cunningham New York' a film by Richard Ress. The documentary tells the story of Bill Cunningham a highly respected fashion photographer. The documentary is  intoxicatingly refreshing with unique appeal, it provides a insight into what it is like to be a photographer of the fashion industry.

Bill Cunningham is a humble, highly moralled, down to earth man who has a great understanding of what beauty is from the inside to the outside. He indulges in taking photos of the public and of famous people of the fashion society who dress uniquely and the people who start the fashion trends. Even though he has had choices to live in extravagance, he has chosen the simpler way of life.

There is a great deal to learn from Bill Cunningham. I found it to be a quite a personal movie and my breathe was taken away many times by what he had to say, by what other people around him had to say and their fond memories. The documentary 'Bill Cunningham New York' is a must see movie, especially if your interested in fashion, beauty and style.

The documentary has been placed in high regard amongst the fashion society bringing in many fantastic reviews including:
"Illuminating and inspiring" ~ Andre Leon Talley, Vogue 
"The most elusive and most visible fashion presence in New York has finally been captured in a film, in a deeply moving, visually stunning documentary about New York Times 'on the street' photographer Bill Cunningham." ~ San Francisco Chronicle
"We all get dressed for Bill" ~ Anna Wintour, Vogue 
I will definitely be re-watching this movie! A beautiful man, a beautiful movie.

Did you find the Bill Cunningham New York trailer inspirational?


  1. Really love that second quote about fashion being an armour. Love it!
    xx Allie

  2. Its quite an honest quote <3 I love it to!

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