An Exclusive Interview with Helen Dowsley a Freelance Make-up Artist of the Celebrities!

On a beautiful day like today, I would love this opportunity to introduce you to, the brilliant and kind hearted freelance hair and make-up artist Helen Dowsley. Helen's wonderful career as a freelance hair and make-up artist has brought her to work with high profile celebrities whilst working on famous television shows from the likes of Celebrity Apprentice, Australia's Got Talent to even The Morning Show!

With a fabulous dreamy career like this, what more could the fabulous Miss Helen Dowsley want! Well, she hasn't stopped there, Helen is also Priceline's Head Make-Up Artist and is the founder of an Eye Lash company named Live By Lashes!!

I think the appropriate response to Helen Dowsley's accomplishments is "You go girl!".

Helen Dowsley, Freelance Hair and Make-up Artist on the left!

In your career, what would you consider your favourite accomplishment?
I have been very fortunate to work with very famous people, people that have become very known for their craft, whether its acting or singing but I must say my favourite accomplishment was teaching my skills to a group of multicultural women, not only were they amazing at the skill but they will be forever in my heart. The multicultural women were for a course to learn make-up, but it was much more than that.

The women didn’t have any work skills, they had all come from different countries, some refugee by boat, some fled from war torn countries etc. The stories I heard from them were amazing, and then some of their husbands were worse. By them being in a course like this, it was make-up but it also got them out into society. Gave them confidence to know they would be able to hold a job down and that the house hold would not falter.

Tell us a short story! What is the funniest moment you have had in your career? 
Back stage at the Arias, I gossiped with a group of high profiled women on just how -HOT- Robbie Williams was on stage! Just then I felt someone beside me as I was talking about it and I didn’t think anything of it. The other women were acting very coy but I was on a high hanging with Robbie! To my embarrassment it was Robbie listening to every word! He was very charming and said he was happy that I was happy!

What is a fashion trend that you currently love?
Maybe because my job is to know and follow the trends, so I am very fortunate to like what will happen in the future, but I must say my favourite trend is how we all love long and thick eyelashes now. They are a trend that is here to stay for quite a while. I have always used them on all of my jobs, it was my secret to making everyone look and feel beautiful, hence 4 yrs ago I went looking all over the world for handmade, ethically sound lashes and guess what? I found them.

What is your most favourite beauty product of all time?
Sheep’s wool fat, great for lip balm; Mixing pigment with it for lipstick, great for eyebrows, dry skin and so on. Infact I was at a fashion show and needed something to keep the ponytail soft and gently lying onto one shoulder, this did the trick.

What is your top fashion or beauty tip? 
Eyelashes!!!! Whether your eyes are small, deep set, older than you would like, a lash makes all the difference!

Where do you see yourself in a year?
Doing my magic on my beautiful clients, selling my lashes throughout the world and enjoying the sunshine.

My company, is called Live By Lashes, I started to travel 4 years ago around the world to find a company that not only would sell to a single white female with not a huge business behind her but a company that treated their staff fairly and wisely.
I found such a place that employs uni students, that way they can pay for their education and the conditions are very good. I am able to go there when ever I want, take photos and talk to them all to make sure they are happy and that I am buying an ethical product.

So yes my lash company is Live By Lashes and fingers crossed it will be a success!!

Most people have something which inspires them to push themselves forward; What would you consider is your muse?
My inspiration has always been my 2 boys, my sons. Being a single mum it has been tough working and bringing them up. I have missed out on opportunities because of that, its funny I could tell you maybe a handful of missed opportunities but I can tell you every school assembly, canteen day and fun times that I never missed with them!

What is a personal motto that you live by? 
Most people are good people, treat them as you would like to be treated.
………… thanks Dad x

What makes you feel happy? 
Family!........... love, laughter, hugs.

What makes you feel beautiful?
Oh that’s easy, I feel beautiful when I have had a cut, colour, blowdry, I apply my makeup, fresh vibrant skin with pretty lashes and a coral lip……… beautiful!

I would love to thank Helen Dowsley for this very enlightening interview. Thank you for introducing Our Beauty Philosophy readers and myself to see what it is like to be apart of your world and to be a freelance make-up artist!

Be sure to stop by Helen Dowsley's webpage! Here is one of my favourite Helen Dowsley video tutorials from her I Feel Beautiful, Priceline campaign!


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