Exclusive Interview with Paula Theodore founder of Santorini Sun

I would love to take this opportunity to introduce you to Paula Theodore the founder of Santorini Sun. Paula Theodore was raised in Melbourne, with much of her childhood time spent visiting her Grandfathers orange orchids in Greece, watching her Grandfather combine nature's herbs to create skincare products. The Santorini Sun products formed Sunless Tanning Lotion using only the best organic ingredients to create only the best sun protection, skincare, body care and sunless tanning products!

Paula Theodore founder of Santorini Sun

What inspired you to create Santorini Sun?
The inspiration of Santorini Sun came from two things: A deep fascination with the connection between nature and beauty, and being disillusioned by the products available on the market. On one end the natural products that were available didn’t deliver results and on the other end there were products that contained harmful ingredients. A product line that filled both of these voids had to be developed.

Why is it important to use 100% Natural and Certified Organic products?
Research has shown many of the chemicals used in beauty products, and in particular self tanning products, contain harmful ingredients, parabens, colours, and petro-chemicals. As the wise wizard ‘Hippocrates’ said:
Nature is the most dominant ruler of all” 
He used essential oils, herbs and plant extracts not only to heal the body but the spirit and the soul.

What do the organic product's in Santorini Sun do?
At Santorini Sun we share the same holistic approach by incorporating natural ingredients to heal and prolong youthfulness. Some of our favourite natural ingredients really benefit the skin; Sweet Orange Oil rejuvenates and tones dull skin, Sweet Almond Oil is rich in fatty acids to nourish and moisturise the skin, White Tea is a powerful antioxidant and Olive Squalane reduces & prevents wrinkles, age spots, boosts cell renewal.

What is your favourite product from Santorini Sun?
I have many favourites from the range it depends on how I feel and the occasion. For a special occasion I love the Island Goddess body shimmer – it’s so natural and leaves my skin glowing with a subtle sparkle. On lazy days or over cold winter months, I love the Everyday Gradual Tan for a healthy radiant glow. In the warmer months, I alternate between my sunless tanning cream and lotion. One product I never leave without is the face tan. It is just perfect and even dare to go out make up free with this one !

If you had a gorgeous day to get ready for, how would you get ready using Santorini Sun products?
If I had a gorgeous day to get ready for I would firstly exfoliate using mitts, then in the shower I would lather the Santorini Sun Sweet Orange & Almond salt scrub, which leaves me smelling and feeling yummy! Once skin is completely dry, I would apply Santorini Sunless Tanning Cream or Lotion. I’d allow at least 30 minutes to dry before applying the Island Goddess Body Shimmer and would be ready looking and feeling like a Goddess.

What is the best way to use Santorini Sun Body Shimmer Cream?
The best way to use the Santorini Sun Body Shimmer is to either enhance your Sunless Tan (allow at least 30min before) or alone if you just want to add a hint of Shimmer and sparkle to your skin and to your life.

What is the best way to use Santorini Sun Gradual Tan Moisturiser? 
The best way to use the Santorini Sun Gradual Tan is daily after shower or before bed to ensure a healthy glow, especially during these cold winter months. It is also great to use to prolong your sunless tan.

How does Santorini Sun make you feel beautiful?
When using Santorini Sun products the freshness of the ingredients make you feel healthy and radiant. When your skin is glowing with a perfect undetectable natural colour, you just simply feel beautiful no matter what you are wearing.


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