Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas!

This is a wonderful assortment of beauty products for mothers day gift ideas; They look pretty cute together as a pack, so I'd thought I'd share this pampering pack with you. It contains from left to right:
  • APIVITA Express gold - $12.90 per 2 sachets
    • Peel off exfoliating & radiance mask with papaya 99% natural composition
    • Anti-fatigue moisturizing eye patches with rose
  • Bloom Lip Duo in Moon & Stars - $28
  • Grown - $25 each
    • Shampoo with Damask Rose, Black Pepper & Sage
    • Conditioner with Damask Rose, Chamomile, & Lavender Stem

APIVITA Express Gold with Papaya Face Mask - An Our Beauty Philosophy Favourite! Best sellers in Greece!

Our skin requires a well-balanced menu of natural, nourishing ingredients to thrive. APIVITA offers a new premium line of face masks for the more exclusive at-home beauty treatment. Their products are all rich in Mediterranean fruit and vegetables, vitamins and trace acids.

Express Gold with Papaya smells amazing, wonderfully delicious and smells, good enough to eat! Though you can't eat it! Papaya, is a tropical sweet fruit that you can eat with sugar as a dessert. The flavours are reminiscent of a sugary orange flavoured soda drink. This face mask is a creature comfort that gives you the biggest hankering for papaya! I love it.

To use, simply mix the powder with 3 tablespoons of water to a smooth consistency and apply to face. It is surprising to find out that the face mask will remain crystal cold and refreshing for the 10 minutes it will be on your face; It is literary the ultimate face mask for a hot day. Once the 10 minutes is up, you can peel the mask.

APIVITA Express Gold Rose Eye Patches

You can create a perfect pair of the APIVITA Express Gold with Papaya Face Mask with the Express Gold with Rose Eye Patches. While one rejuvenates the face the other can rejuvenate your eyes! APIVITA's Express Gold with Rose are eye patches made exclusively to rejuvenate and awaken your senses and help the dark circles or puffiness under your eyes. You can lay back and relax for 10 minutes, the refreshing coldness from the patches will make you feel at ease.

Bloom Lip Dual in Moon & Stars

"Like birds of a feather, these two lip shades have been selected because they go so perfectly together" Natalie, Bloom Founder

Bloom have paired up some of their favourite lipsticks with matching lip glosses creating ultimate lip duals! You can wear the lipstick and lipgloss individually or together for a long lasting, lovely glossy full lip! I look at lip duals a lot like I do eye shadow palettes, though they are pairs for the lippy beauty world.

In addition to the creamy moisturising and conditioning, natural Vanilla and Mandarin Essential Oils ensure that lips remain ultra-kissable. The one which I received is Moon & Stars. The lipstick is a true red colour with a lovely matching lighter red gloss that appears to have the smallest touch of pink in it.

Grown Shampoo with Damask Rose, Black Pepper, Sage and Grown Conditioner with Damask Rose, Chamomile, Lavender Stem

I am an avid fan of the combinations of fragrances Grown has compiled together. They are always interesting natural scents. If you love things that are natural, indulging and pampering, try out Grown's beauty range.

The best thing about their shampoo and conditioner ranges is that the lovely scent of the beauty products will remain in your hair even after you towel dry, blow dry and straighten! Yes, those three things do not deter any of the scent, which is amazing considering just how normal shampoos and conditioner scents do not stay in your hair.

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