The Dreams of An Everyday Hero Project

I would like to welcome you for your support of 'The Dreams of an Everyday Hero Project'! All proceeds made for The Dreams of an Everyday Hero Project will go towards a different non-for-profit organisation each year. The non-for-profit organisation chosen will help young Australian adults who face problems early on in their lives.

This year I would love to donate the money made to the Kids Helpline. Here is more information about the Kids Helpline:
Kids Helpline is Australia’s only private and confidential, 24-hour telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25 years. Each week counsellors answer more than 5,500 calls and web contacts from children and young people - often regarding very serious issues:
  • Seven times a day children contact us about child abuse 
  • Every day Kids Helpline refers a child to an emergency service to deal with a serious issue like child abuse or self harm. Kids Helpline relies on community support to keep counsellors on the line. 

Spread the Word & Donate Designs
Our Beauty Philosophy is looking for people to donate personal creations or original designs to place on products which will be sold on redbubble. The products will include t-shirts, posters and hats etc. Your art designs and graphics designs will be used each year on The Dreams of An Everyday Hero Project.

The designs will have OBP which stands for Our Beauty Philosophy somewhere on them, I can personally add them to your designs!

ALL the money made from your designs will be donated to the selected non-for-profit organisation of that particular year. At the end of the year, all profit from sales will be displayed on this Everyday Hero Page, where living is giving. In fact, people can donate directly on The Everyday Hero Page.

This year the designs for the products are timeless; The chosen design must either incorporate, dreams and fairytale adventures!

If you know anybody good at art of graphic design please let them know! And if you have any further questions, please email for more information.

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