An Exclusive Interview with Alyce Cowell, The Westfield Insider

I would love to introduce you to Australia's very own and beautiful Alyce Cowell who is also known as The Westfield Insider! The Westfield Insider is a fashion and beauty blogger, stylist and social media vlogger that gets paid by Westfield, one of Australia's largest multi-billionaire shopping corporations, to be a very savvy shopper and provide expert shopping advice! Alyce Cowell is one lucky lady and a very deserving women, who got choosen out of hundreds of people to be the The Westfield Insider.

I visit The Westfield Insider just as much as I visit Westfield, twice to three times per week! Thanks for keeping me updated on fashion and beauty Alyce!

Alyce Cowell, The Westfield Insider

Tell us a little about yourself?
I'm a blogger, stylist and social media addict on the wrong side of 24, that also goes by the heading of The Westfield Insider. Basically, a very intimidating title for a girl that loves and adores fashion and beauty, and gets to blog and Facebook about it every day.

In your career, what would you consider your favourite accomplishment?
Why is it your favourite accomplishment? That's an easy one... Winning The Westfield Insider competition! I went up against 1450 very talented fashionistas, blogging, vlogging and travelling the country. I finally got selected for the final 3, and with a little help from my family, friends and a very heavy campaign, Australia voted me in as the winner!

What is the funniest moment you have had in your career?
One seemingly ordinary day I got a call from Westfield asking if I had a valid passport. It was very top secret so I couldn't ask any questions, and spent a good part of an excruciating 24hrs debating where I was going. The following day, I received another call telling me to pack my bags because I was heading to London in 2 weeks to appear in Gok's TV commercial. Of course I acted extremely profesh on the phone, but immediately after hanging up I jumped and screamed so much I gave myself two twisted ankles and a sore throat, then I called everyone I know.

What is your most loved fashion item of all time? 
Hats are by far my all time favourite fashion item! I have a vast collection of them. For some reason, I always dress by accessories first - hats, shoes, scarves - then have no idea what clothing to wear in between. I feel like hats just give every outfit style. They're mysterious, hide bad hair days, and you always notice a girl in a hat. My favourites come from Sussan, Rubi Shoes and Dotti.

What is your most loved beauty product of all time?
I'm getting to the point where I'm as obsessed with beauty as I am fashion, but I don't think I could possible choose one favourite beauty item. It's just too hard... Like choosing between my children! So I'm going to cheat and say: MAC 'Snob' lipstick, Sportsgirl's 'Body Glow' Wash-Off Bronzing Creme, Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara (and lots of it), Argan Oil and Johnson's Baby Powder for my hair and Viktor&Rolf FlowerBomb perfume. And I always have my nails painted (usually with OPI)... Always.

What is your favourite fashion or beauty tip? 
I will not be seen with full length arms - I always scrunch or roll my sleeves up! It shows of the smallest part of your body (your wrists), meaning you won't look like you're drowning in your jacket. This means you can even go up a size or 2 if the store has run out... Just roll the sleeves and I guarantee you'll like what you see!

Most people have something which inspires them to push themselves forward; What would you consider is your muse? 
I've always been someone with a bit of ambition who wants to succeed and wants to be or do something significant, so that helps. I would say that creative people that are great writers, dressers, presenters all inspire me... They make me want to run home and do something crafty! As for my muse, that's a piece of cake - the Olsens.

What is a personal motto that you live by? 
Speaking of the Olsens... My personal motto is, wait for it...
"What Would Mary-Kate Do?"
which I ponder every morning in front of my wardrobe.

What makes you feel happy? 
Sorry to sound cliche, but I'm happiest when I'm with my family and friends. I also feel very happy when I think about having achieved my goals, and that I am able to combine my loves of fashion, beauty, writing and the internet into a job where I get to spend everyday! I just got back from 2 months in the states and Mexico, so when I think about floating in the water drinking cocktails, that makes me pretty happy too!

What makes you feel beautiful? 
That is a tough one, because I think it's ingrained in women for never to be 100% satisfied - we could always do with one more dress or a new hair colour! It's also got to do with personality, happiness and confidence.

What a wonderful interview, and to end on that note, here is one of my favourite videos of Alyce Cowell, The Westfield Insider!

What did you think about her interview?
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